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Language: Welsh Translation and Interpreting

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985


Other Associated Languages and Dialects


Countries Spoken In

Wales, England, Argentina

Total Speakers

Approx. 750, 000

Language Family

Indo-European | Celtic | Insular Celtic | Brythonic | Welsh

Writing System

Latin alphabet (Welsh variant)

Professional Translators and Interpreters – English to Welsh, Welsh to English.


Our Welsh interpreting service is one which can fulfil any interpreting needs you have. Our Welsh interpreters have expertise in the following areas:

- Welsh Conference interpreting

- Welsh Simultaneous interpreting

- Welsh Consecutive interpreting

- Welsh Court interpreting

- Welsh Police interpreting

- Welsh NHS interpreting

- Welsh Business meeting interpreting

For a Quick Quote of our Welsh interpreting services, please use our Quick Quote form. 


Our Welsh translators are a team of highly trained experts who are familiar with the customs of different cultures, understand the complexities of the language they translate in, possess the technical terminology and knowledge associated with the field in which they are working, and provide a fast and reliable service.

Areas of Expertise

Our language specialists have expertise in many different areas, but here is a short summary what we offer at TJC Global: 

Agriculture | Applied Science | Arts | Astronomy | Automotive | Business | Computer Systems | Construction | Education | Engineering | Environment | Finance | Government, Policy, and Public Services | Industry | Legal | Life Science | Manufacturing | Medical / Medical Science / Healthcare | Military & Defence | Non-Profit Organisations / NPO | Physical and Geographical Sciences | Politics, Policy, and Public Services | Psychology and Mental Healthcare | Public Relations and Marketing | Publications and Media | Research | Retail / Consumer Sector | Social Sciences | Technology | Tourism and Leisure | Trade | Transport | TV News and Media 


About Welsh

Welsh is a member of the Brythonic branch of languages is spoken by some of the Welsh population (approximately seven-hundred and fifty thousand). The number of Welsh speakers is constantly increasing in Wales as it is now taught as a first language in many schools.

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