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London Education Translation Service

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Our Technical and Specialist Education Translators

The U.K. is home to two of the most famous universities in the world in Cambridge and Oxford. Its capital, however, boasts many fine institutes of learning; from University College London to the London School of Economics, to universities catering exclusively for post-graduate studies (Birkbeck) and those who lead the art world (Goldsmiths). As one of the world's largest and busiest cities, the bustling metropolis offers much to be explored. As a result, a vast amount of foreign students and researchers journey to England's capital, and it is important that their education is not hindered by language barriers, and that cooperation between international educational authorities is possible. TJC Global's experienced and skilled translators can ensure that no obstacles are in place.

Our London education translation service covers areas such as:

Educational technology Oxford Press transcripts Curriculum / Syllabus
Socialization Developmental education Language education
Special Education Special Educational Needs E-learning
Learning community Legal & medical education University / College & Higher Education
Educational psychology Eduational research Business conferences

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At TJC Global we have over twenty-five years of experience working within the translation and interpretation industry, and consequently have established a large network of highly skilled and professional translators. We are able to provide translators who are specialists in this field, with a knowledge of the procedures and technical language of the profession. This ensures that your translation will be accurate, efficient and reliable. All of our translators are native speakers of the languages you require, providing closer translation and guaranteeing that no meaning is lost.

We can offer translation and interpreting services at any time of the year, in many locations: London, England, UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales), Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other global locations. Please contact us for more information.

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Some of the 180 languages for which we provide translators;

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For other languages, please visit our Multiple Language Services Translation page.

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