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Environmental Translation Services

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Our Technical and Specialist Environmental Translators

With over twenty five years experience providing excellent translation services for renewable energy companies across the globe, TJC's environmental language services are highly specialised. With our diverse network of linguists, we can provide bespoke translation services for many aspects of this growing and vitally important industry. 

With the future of our world dependant on green solutions, environmental topics are a subject of international discussion. This trans-national cooperation of ideas and research must continue if environmental issues are to improve; TJC's expert translation services can ensure that language barriers are one less obstacle in the way of progress. Please visit our specialist pages below for more information on the environmental translation that we can provide.

For more information about our other green services, please visit our specialist page on Renewable Energy Services.

If you require environmental related Conference Intepreting, then please visit our dedicated Conferences page.

Our environment translation service can cover areas such as:

Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are a key point in the debates surrounding climate change and the emergence of alternative energy sources. Visit this page for more information about fossil fuels and the language services we provide, including translation, interpretation and transcription.

Climate Change

Climate change has been called the challenge facing our generation, with numerous gloomy predictions as to its speed and severity. A controversial field, some have questioned these findings. It is an international debate of great importance, in which TJC’s translation services can help you engage.

Environmental Law

Concerning aspects such as air and water quality, species protection and the limitation of the adverse effect of man on the planed, Environmental law is a complex and diverse branch of litigation. With our language translation services, you can be fully clear on this legislation and how it differs from county to country.

Environmental Technologies

Environmental technology, otherwise known as green or clean technology, is an industry poised at the forefront of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and low carbon emissions. For more information about how our language services can assist you in this growing international industry, please visit the link.

Humanitarian Aid

With climate change comes scientist's predictions that third world countries will be some of the worst affected with increases of famine, drought, floods, landslides, and disease. Humanitarian aid provided by Western countries is vital and is seen by many industry leaders as due compensation for Western carbon emissions. TJC's translation service can help you in this field.

Sustainable Development

Creating sustainable solutions to the problems of energy and manufacture are a key point in the tackling of the causes of climate change. The development of technologies that can provide these solutions, whilst limiting social and environmental impact, is a growing industry which our expert language services can help you to access.

Water Conservation

Water sustainability seeks to ensure water availability for future generations so that the withdrawal of fresh water from ecosystems should not exceed its natural replacement rate. This is a process of energy conservation, which includes water pumping, delivery, and wastewater treatment facilities which consume a significant amount of energy.


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Truly Global Services

TJC Global can provide excellent applied language solutions in the form of specialist interpreters and translators, in over 180 languages including English to French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Arabic and Russian. With over twenty five years of experience, we have established ourselves as a world leader in translation services, with a large and diverse network of expert linguists. As such, we can provide translation services from only the best qualified translators, who not only have a native-level understanding of the relevant languages required by our ever-expanding global clientele, but also years of experience of the industry specific terminology and protocols.

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