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Our Technical and Specialist Carbon Emissions and Environmental Toxicity Translators

Carbon emissions are seen as the largest contributing factor to climate change. In response to rising levels of emissions, businesses, governments and NGOs have started to take action through targets, limits, offsetting, energy efficiency drives and campaigning. TJC Global offers high-quality translation and interpreting services tailored to all these needs. The main form of pollution, or environmental toxicity, currently posing the biggest threat to life in the twenty-first century is carbon emissions which increase global warming and as result ecological and natural disasters, especially in poor third world countries.

Our carbon emissions and environmental toxicity translation service covers areas such as:

Carbon offset

Carbon cutting measures

Renewable energy

Non-renewable energy

Climate Change

Global warming

Kyoto protocol

Emissions trading

EU policy

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Not sure what carbon emissions entails? Why not look through our helpful glossary below;

Carbon capture and storage is an approach to mitigating the contribution of fossil fuel emissions to global warming, based on capturing carbon dioxide from large point sources such as fossil fuel power plants.

Carbon trading schemes, such as the one set up by the EU, are an attempt to reduce carbon emissions by recognising that the full cost of these emissions is not included in the price of the goods or service. Carbon trading calculates what is known as the private cost and external cost of fuel use, where private costs are the actual cost of the fuel used to the consumer, and the external cost is the actual cost to the environment, i.e. future generations, other countries, and the planet. As a result, these external costs can be added to the private cost so that the user pays the whole cost of their fuel usage thus monetising carbon emissions.

Carbon credits are a monetised unit which allows the environmental lobby to help businesses, companies, communities, and individuals to reduce their carbon emissions output. By attributing a value to carbon emissions, consumers can make choices about how they can spend wisely with regards to carbon-friendly products. A carbon credit is equal to one tonne of C02 and this measure allows for the calculation of not just household carbon footprints but also of larger industries, such as the aviation industry, automotive industry, and energy industry.

Carbon offsetting is both a mathematical model and a financial system which allows industries, governments, communities and individuals to offset their carbon emissions by financially supporting projects which are dedicated to renewable energy and the reduction of carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting projects can range from acts such as planting trees to large scale investment in renewable energy production such as wind farms, biomass energy, and hydroelectric dams.

The Carbon Trust was set up by the UK government to assist businesses and companies in the United Kingdom to find innovative ways to reduce their carbon emissions through two principle ways - developing new commercial technology with a low carbon output and improving energy efficiency and company infrastructure to complement its low carbon commitment. The Carbon Trust not only enhances the environmental profile of businesses in the UK but it also saves UK businesses around £1 million a day as a result of cost savings due to energy efficiency.

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TJC Global can provide excellent applied language solutions in the form of specialists interpreters in over 180 languages including English to French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Arabic and Russian language services. With over twenty five years of experience, we have established ourselves as a world leader in translation services, with a large and diverse network of expert linguists. TJC Global can provide expert translators who are highly skilled and experienced in carbon trading services and can provide translation services which will help the industry to grow. They understand technical terminology, procedures and complicated concepts related to this area and often have a background or qualification suited to the industry.

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