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Testimonials & Case Studies

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985


Having served for over 25 years, we have built a good reputation as one of leading translation and interpreting company with efficiency and commitment to deliver the most satisfactory services to our existing and newly joined clients worldwide. The followings are some samples we have received both in the past and recently.

Oxford Gene Technology who supply molecular genetics products around the world had a sales opportunity in Canada which presented as a tender which was both written in French and also needed to be completed in French . The documents were both extensive and  also had a strong  rather specialist scientific content . We contacted  TJC with a tight time line and the translation services were both very well done and also they were able to meet our challenging time frames . We were therefore delighted with the service provided by TJC .- James Clough Executive Vice President OGT

BP Biofuels:

'"We have been through the report and it looks very good.

KAB Seating Ltd:  Please can I extend my appreciation and thank you for a job - well done.

Imagini Europe Ltd:

"Many thanks to you for the work, well-reported and really useful for us, so many thanks to the translator who carried it out."

More to follow.

Case studies

We have undertaken numerous language translation and interpreting projects for a wide range of clients globally.
See below for details of some o
f our projects.

Publishing and Editing Case Studies:

TJC Global has enjoyed working with one of the world’s largest publishers for over 20 years. During this time we have been tasked with translating and proofreading between English and foreign languages that includeSpanish and Japanese. We were also appointed to provide translators with extensive knowledge of regional dialects and informal language for the meticulous task of correcting a Greek > English dictionary, as well as finding a specialist for technical translation from Hebrew to English.

Since it is imperative in the publishing industry that translation is flawless in accuracy, TJC Global has provided translators and proofreaders of the highest levels of skill and qualification. Furthermore, TJC Global only selects translators and interpreters with a long history of experience, and is always reaching out into new specialist areas of technical language.


Energy and Natural Resources Case Studies:
With greenhouse gas emissions and the over-extraction of finite natural resources of major global concern, the renewable energy industry is increasing its demand for translation and interpreting services in order to facilitate international business transactions in this sector. For this reason, TJC Global has supported a major Biofuels firm in several projects, providing Brazilian Portuguese to English translation.

Because these projects required knowledge of technical terminology in the fields of engineering, health and safety/risk management and renewable energy, TJC Global was appointed to provide specialist linguists. We look forward to continuing our work with this firm in the future and with clients in other renewable energy fields such as solar energy, wind power and hydropower.

Legal Case Studies: 

TJC Global regularly provides translation and interpreting services to clients in the legal sector. In recent projects, we have been appointed to provide conference and deposition interpreters, translators for legal documents and interpreters for court hearings for example.

Recent requests for deposition interpreting have been for native speakers of Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Russian, German, French, Italian and many more languages. Our interpreters are also based at locations all over the globe, allowing us to appoint them quickly and with travel costs at a minimum.


Medical Case Studies:

TJC Global has supported an international provider of aero-medical emergency services which responds to crisis situations. Based in Paris and Shanghai but with a network of operations worldwide, this organisation provides the medical expertise and the necessary resources to carry out emergency evacuations and transport patients to hospital where they can be treated.

In this particular case the client was in need of an interpreter who could facilitate communication between a Japanese patient and British hospital staff. We were able to provide a native-speaker interpreter with over 10 years of experience.

For this urgent case, TJC Global was relied upon for its ability to provide qualified interpreters swiftly and smoothly in difficult situations.

Government Institutions and Public Services Case Studies:

 Content to be displayed shortly

Educational and Academic Case Studies:

Here at TJC Global we regularly serve clients in the educational and academic sectors for a variety of purposes, such as interpreting at conferences and translation for research. We have worked with clients in Higher as well as Primary and Secondary Education, including schools for children with special needs and learning difficulties.  

We were recently called upon by a university department of world class standards in Business, Economics and Finance. Combining business with a strong academic legacy, this department is a centre for teaching and research that produces some of the future’s highest achieving business and finance leaders and therefore attracts the best students across the globe.

To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between its members and visitors, this department contacted TJC Global seeking Spanish – English interpreting for a Social Capital conference. We were asked to provide interpreters who would be able to maintain the fast pace of the conference whilst ensuring flawless translation of the specialist technical terms involved.

To tackle this task, TJC Global supplied a small team of simultaneous interpreters with over 15 years of experience in political, social, economic and finance related interpreting. The event was a resounding success, with our interpreters feeding real-time dialogue to the recipients using conference equipment.


Media and Broadcasting Case Studies

In the field of media and broadcasting it is vital that verbal information is communicated at the highest levels of accuracy. This is why TJC Global has been appointed to work on projects with film and television producers, major broadcasters, newspapers and radio producers in the UK and internationally.

Some of our exciting projects include the translation of media footage from an interview from Georgian into English for a London based news provider. In another project, a major British broadcasting organisation contacted us with the meticulous task of translating video clips in Kinyarwanda and producing an English transcription. We have also worked with various film companies, supplying linguists for translation from Japanese into English, and for the transcription of a documentary from Pashto to English for example.

TJC Global looks forward to continuing work in this field and providing its clients with qualified and experienced interpreters and translators based all over the UK and globally.


Industry and Manufacturing Case Studies

Here at TJC Global we are regularly contacted by clients in the fields of manufacturing, civil engineering, machinery and construction amongst other areas of industry. From the translation of legal and business documents to the provision of interpreters for business meetings and conferences, TJC Global is able to appoint linguists who are familiar with the relevant technical terminology and the procedures in this field.

Several of our clients contact us from around the world in the automotive industry. Examples of projects we have worked on include technical and engineering interpreting and translation between Japanese and English for a British luxury car manufacturer. We have also appointed German, Japanese and Russian translators and interpreters in the field of engineering for a British motorsport company whose operations are worldwide.

Some of our other clients include producers of machine tools and industrial machinery; electrical equipment; food and drink products and packaging; water and sanitation materials for construction; oil and gas infrastructure; paper, film and foil machinery; and drilling equipment and fluids.

International Development Case Studies 

From 2007 to 2010 the Global Humanitarian Forum operated as a non-for-profit entity dedicated to research, debate and action in some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. At the core of these challenges is climate change, for which the Global Humanitarian Forum lobbied international government leaders for agreement on targets, and worked with strategic partners in the development of Meteorological technology to improve adaptation to climate change globally.

TJC was selected by the Global Humanitarian Forum to provide interpreters who could translate and transcribe from Luganda, the main language of Uganda, to English. Specialist technical vocabulary was required in the fields of climate change and agriculture, two interrelated and pressing global concerns.

TJC Global successfully arranged a Luganda <> English interpreter who was able to accurately transcribe and translate the important specialist terms. In addition to this, cost effectiveness was facilitated by sourcing the interpreter from a location as close as possible to the client. 

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