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Multiple Language Services: Interpreting

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985


TJC Global provide high-quality interpreting services in multiple languages throughout Europe, the USA, Asia, and worldwide. We offer an extensive global network of professional & experienced multilingual interpreters working in numerous fields. Our professional interpreters are highly qualified and experienced in specialist areas including legal, medical, financial, pharmaceutical and business fields and covering all events from conferences to depositions. For more information about the areas and events covered by our interpreters, please visit our main Interpreting Services page.

We have provided a focused and dedicated service to a diverse clientele over the years, producing high-quality interpreters working in over 180 different languages and dialects. For more information on the language interpretation service of your choice, please choose from the list below. If the language you require is not shown, please contact us.


·         Arabic Interpreting

·         Armenian Interpreting

·         Bengali Interpreting

·        Bulgarian Interpreting

·         Burmese Interpreting

·         Chinese Interpreting

·         Croatian Interpreting

·         Czech Interpreting

·         Dutch Interpreting

·         Estonian Interpreting

·         Filipino Interpreting

·         Finnish Interpreting

·         Flemish Interpreting

·         French Interpreting

·         German Interpreting

·         Greek Interpreting

·         Hebrew Interpreting

·         Hindi Interpreting

·         Indonesian Interpreting

·         Italian Interpreting

·         Japanese Interpreting

·         Korean Interpreting

·         Latvian Interpreting

·         Lebanese Interpreting

·         Lithuanian Interpreting

·         Mongolian Interpreting

·         Norwegian Interpreting

·         Persian Interpreting

·         Polish Interpreting

·         Portuguese Interpreting

·         Russian Interpreting

·         Serbian Interpreting

·         Slovak Interpreting

·         Slovenian Interpreting

·         Somali Interpreting

·         Spanish Interpreting

·         Swahili Interpreting

·         Swedish Interpreting

·         Tagalog Interpreting

·         Tamil Interpreting

·         Turkish Interpreting

·         Ukrainian Interpreting

·         Urdu Interpreting

·         Vietnamese Interpreting



TJC Global provide a professional multiple language interpretation service for spoken language. This involves the accurate interpretation one spoken language into another (and back again if required). The nature of interpreting means that interpreters must be very quick, with excellent concentration and the ability to work well under high pressure.

If you require the translation of written rather than spoken language, please visit our Multiple Languages Translation page.


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