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TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985


TJC Global's professional interpretation service offers a comprehensive set of language services to enable you to stay competitive in the global market. As professional interpreting agency with over twenty five years' experience, TJC offers highly qualified and experienced professional interpreters specialising in Legal, Conference and Business Services Interpreting, as well as many more specialist fields such as Renewable Energy Global Issues and Life SciencesOur professional interpreters can assist your business with whatever interpreting services you may require.

We strive to tailor our service to our clients’ individual needs.

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We are happy to tailor our service to our clients’ individual needs.

+Agriculture+Applied Science+Business
+Computer Systems+Conference+Construction
+Environment+Finance+Government And Public Services
+Industry+Legal+Life Science
+Medical And Medical Science+Non-Profit Organisations / NPO+Renewable Energy
+Research+Retail / Consumer Sector+Technical
+TV News And Media


Examples of our interpreting services include:

Face-to-Face/ On-site Interpreting/ Interpretation - Technical, Engineering, Business, Medical, Legal, Finance and more

TJC Global's Face-to-Face Interpreting Service offers highly qualified professional interpreters to assist you whatever your requirements. We offer experienced on-site interpreters who are specialists in their area, be it technical, engineering, business, medical, legal, or finance interpreting. What sets our interpreting services apart is that in addition to being gifted linguists, our interpreters are also well aware of cultural traditions and stylistic linguistic customs. Their familiarity with the subtle cultural nuances ensures smooth and meaningful communication between parties.

Court Interpreting - Arbitrations, Court, Civil Litigations, Depositions, Shipping Disputes, Tribunals

Court or judicial interpreting, takes place in courts of justice or administrative tribunals. It can take the form of consecutive interpreting of witnesses' statements, or simultaneous interpreting of the entire proceedings by electronic means for one or more of the people in attendance.

Our court interpreters have experience in a variety of legal issues, such as depositions, tribunals, arbitrations, preliminary hearings and witness testimony. Our interpreters' familiarity with the format, conventions, procedures and requirements of court interpreting, coupled with a native level fluency in the languages required, means that they can deliver court interpreting to a very high standard.

Conference Interpreting - Academic, Business, Legal, Medical, Scientific and more

TJC Global's conference interpreters can provide language support for medical, legal, academic, scientific and business conferences, in over 100 languages. Combining specialist knowledge of specific industries with cultural understanding of the languages you require, they will translate your ideas, and allow you to engage successfully in any conference.

Some of the 180 langauges for which we provide interpreters:

Arabic Interpreting Italian Interpreting
French Interpreting German Interpreting
Spanish Interpreting Korean Interpreting
Chinese Interpreting Japanese Interpreting

For other languages, please visit our Multiple Language Services Interpreting page.

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