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Country Profile: Togo

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Fact File:



Other Cities

Mango, Kana, Bassar

Official language

Other Languages & Dialects
Kabiye, Ewe, Mina



Total 56,785 km2


(2009est) 6.3million


CFA Franc


Togo is a narrow country in West Africa bordering Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north.  The official language is French, however there are many other languages spoken in Togo.  The land in Togo is extremely arable, which makes it a perfect nation for intense agricultural industry.

Infrastructure and Business

The main industries of Togo are the agricultural industry and the commercial industry, some of its main exports are, cotton, coffee, and cocoa together which generate about 30% of export earnings.  As a nation, Togo is completely self sufficient in food production and consumption, which is very unusual for many African nations.  As far as industry is concerned, phosphate and cement are the main exports.  These booming industries within Togo have also invited much foreign investment in recent years and have been an important sector of the economy for Togo.  Through government reforms and policies, Togo has prospered tremendously and is now a commercial and trade sector within Africa.


Like many other African nations, Togo has a vast amount of natural resources, which they use to their advantage for exportation purposes.  Also the agricultural wealth of the nation has allowed them to benefit immensely in recent years, as they look to continue this trend.  Also Togo can boast that it is one of the few countries in the world that is completely self sufficient in terms of food consumption and production.  This is particularly impressive, because many African nations are facing food shortages due to lack of water and the negative effects of global warming and climate change.

Culture and Language

Kabre, Ewe and Mina are the ethnic groups that greatly influence Togo, while there are more than thirty other ethnic groups that have a cultural impact on their nation.  Ewe, Mina, and Kabre.  French is the official language of Togo, however many indigenous African languages spoken by Togolese that include the Gbe languages such as Ewe, Mina, Kabiyé and others.  Despite the influences of Christianity and Islam, over half of the people of Togo follow native animistic practices and beliefs.

Future Outlook

Togo looks to continue its cultural and economic expansion in the years to come, just as it has previously done.  It will build on its wealth of natural resources, as well as its agricultural and commercial production industries.  They will also look to become an African leader in the exportation industry and are well on track to do so.  Togo has a bright economic future ahead of them and will continue to prosper as they have done in the past.


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