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Country Profile: Morocco

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Fact File



Other Cities

Abda, Azilal, Boulemane

Largest city


Official language



Total 446,550 km2


(2009est) 31,352,000


Moroccan Dirham


The Kingdom of Morocco, or more commonly known as The Kingdom of Morocco is a country located in North Africa.  It has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco has international borders with Algeria to the east, Spain to the north and Mauritania to the south via its Western Saharan territories.  Morocco is the only country in Africa that is not currently a member of the African Union. However, it is a member of the Arab League, Arab Maghreb Union, Francophone, Organization of the Islamic Conference, Mediterranean Dialogue group, and it is also a major non-NATO ally of the United States.

Languages and Dialects

Arabic id the official language of Morocco, as they have their own unique dialect called Moroccan Arabic.  Nearly have of the population, generally in the rural areas, speak the language of Berber, which exists in Morocco in three different dialects (Tarifit, Tashelhiyt, and Tamazight).  French is the second language, though unofficial, it is taught in schools and generally used in the fields of education, commerce and government.  The third most spoken language in Morocco is Spanish, even though it is not generally taught in schools.  English is the third most spoken language, yet it is rapidly increasing its number of speakers within the nation.  Since the government has recently made English mandatory in schools, soon English will become the dominant language in Morocco.

Business Development

Morocco has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, their economy is considered a relatively liberal economy governed by the law of supply and demand.  Economic growth is far more diversified, with new service and industrial poles, like Casablanca and Tangier, developing. The agriculture sector is being rehabilitated as well, which in combination with good rainfalls led to a growth of over 20% in 2009.  These changes in the economy can be attributed to foreign investment, especially from France, as well as newly enacted economic reform policies. 

Industry and Output

In Morocco, the service sector is the most important industry and accounts for just over half of GDP and industry, made up of mining, construction and manufacturing, is an additional quarter. The sectors who recorded the highest growth are the tourism, telecoms and textile sectors. Morocco , however, still depends to an inordinate degree on agriculture. The sector accounts for only around 14% of GDP but employs 40-45% of the Moroccan population.

Future Outlook

In the future, Morocco looks to continue to expand its economy in various industries, such as mining, agriculture, manufacturing, construction and the service industry.  Morocco has an extremely unique culture and language variety that has given them an advantage in the global economy, especially in Africa.  They will look to continue their economic growth and continue to be an African leader in tourism and manufacturing.


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