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Country Profile - Jordan

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Capital and largest city


Other cities

Az Zarqa, Irbid, Al Husn, Kerak, Ma'an, Madaba, Sahab, Russiefa

Official languages



89, 341 sq km


6,198,677 (2008 est.)


Jordanian dinar



The offiical language of Jordan is Arabic. However, English is also understood by many Jordanians, depending often on educational level and economic situation - middle and upper class Jordanians often speak English as a fluent second language. French is also spoken by some citizens while Russian is spoken by older people who learnt it in the USSR.


Jordan has significant oil shale resources, but apart from this it is a small country with limited natural resources. With a GDP of approximately $28.18 billion, the great majority of its workforce is employed in the service sector - tourism in Jordan is a very important source of income. Its other industries include textiles, mining, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and cement, and major trading partners are US, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China and Germany. Jordan is currently working to try to expand its limited water supplies. Since 2000, Jordan has exported light manufactured goods such as textiles to the US with no quotas or tariffs, which has led to increased economic growth. In addition, the 2001 US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement promises to further expand Jordan's economy, moving it away from an exporter of potash and phosphates and toward areas such as IT and tourism. The low tax Aqaba Special Economic Zone is considered a model example of government-provided framework for private sector-led economic growth.

Jordan is a member of the WTO, and has been designated by the World Bank to be a lower middle income country. After the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, Jordan lost its oil rights which led to an acceleration in inflation.


Jordan's oil shale reserves have led to it being dependent upon oil for its energy source, and in the future it is likely to continue in this vein, with the proposed building of the second largest oil shale power station in the world. The Arab Gas Pipeline from Egypt to the country was completed in 2003, and there are plans to extend it to the country's capital. In terms of renewable energy sources, there is the potential for utilisation of solar energy from the sun falling on Jordan's deserts, and as well as being an environmental and sustainable solution, it would also allow the desalination of sea-water. Jordan is part of the Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation, a voluntary association which promotes an increase in Europe's energy by sustainable means, by transmitting non-polluting electric power to Europe from renewable sources in the Middle East and North Africa via HDVC lines.


Tourism is a vital industry for Jordan, with millions of people flocking to see its varied landscape and multitude of historic and ancient attractions. Examples include the ancient city of Petra, which is carved into mountainside, and is one of the new seven wonders of the world. As well as Petra, tourists visits sights of religious significance such as the River Jordan and the Dead Sea, as well as cities Amman and Aqaba. Jordan has several Natural Reserves, which add to its touristic importance.

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