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Our clients

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985

The companies and activities listed below represent several examples of the translation, interpreting, and project support that TJC Global has carried out since 1981.

We offer services to a wide range of industries and our clients have come from all sectors. If your business sector is not shown here, please contact us.  We are always happy to assist you in any area.

Government Institutes / Councils / Public Services / Think-tank

  1. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Birmingham and Cambridge, England (agricultural technical research interpreting)
  2. HM Treasury
  3. The Climate Group (Environmental, Climate change translation)
  4. Department of Health, London (welfare interpreting & Interview)
  5. Ministry of Education Singapore
  6. Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
  7. Department for Transport, London England (transportation: interpreting)
  8. Transport For London (TFL)
  9. Office for Rail Regulation, London England (technical interpreting)
  10. Office of Water Services (OFWAT), London England (technical interpreting)
  11. HM Customs and Excise, London (Financial, research, interpreting, Interview)
  12. Home Office, (London, Interpreting)
  13. Nomura Research Institute
  14. JMA Research Institute Inc
  15. Recruite Works Institute
  16. Mizuho Research Institute Ltd
  17. VMI (Value Management Institute)


  1. Legal interpreting services at the IDRC (International Dispute Resolution Centre)  London
  2. Tribunal dispute court cases
  3. Arbitration court cases (Shipping related disputes: One in London and the other in Zurich, Switzerland, technical and scientific; simultaneous)
  4. High Court London interpreting services: English technical and marine engineering interpretation/ translation
  5. Patent court cases in London (from preparatory stages such as coordination with clients, legal document translation (often urgent and technical), court case English interpreting and follow-up assistance)
  6. US Depositions
  7. Hogan Lovells International LLP
  8. Linklaters LLP
  9. Whitestone Solicitors
  10. Byrne & Partners LLP
  11. Finers Stephens Innocent LLP
  12. Selby Dixon Reilly Solicitors
  13. Latham & Watkins LLP
  14. Allen & Overy
  15. Clifford Chance
  16. Herbert Smith
  17. Hogan Lovells
  18. Pinsent Masons
  19. Clyde and Co LLP
  20. Steptoe & Johnson
  21. D Young & Co.
  22. Milbank LLP
  23. Esquire Deposition Solutions
  24. Matthew Arnold & Baldwin LLP
  25. Powell Gilbert LLP
  27. Thames Valley Police
  28. Cheshire Police
  29. Kent Police
  30. Metropolitan Police Authority
  31. Shoosmith Solicitors
  32. Express Solicitors
  33. Thompson & Co Solicitors
  34. Crown Prosecution Service
  35. Byrne and Partners LLP
  36. DWF Solicitors
  37. Whitestone Solicitors
  38. King & Kelleher, LLP
  39. Wikborg Rein LLP
  40. Brand Mellon Solicitors
  41. J.D. Spicer & Co Solicitors
  42. Beachcroft LLP


  1. Medical Tribune Inc. (medical interpreting)
  2. Shiseido (pharmaceutical interpreting)
  3. Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) (medical translation)
  4. International SOS (medical interpreting)
  5. Roche Products Limited, (medical translation)
  6. BD Medical Systems, Oxford (medical interpreting)
  7. AstraZeneca, London England (interpreting, Interview)
  8. Institute of Health Science, London (scientific and technical interpreting)
  9. Guys hospital, London UK (medical interpreting)
  10. St. Georges hospital, London England (medical interpretation)
  11. St. Margaret Hospital, London UK (medical interpretation)
  12. Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford England (medical and welfare interpreting)
  13. BHF Health Promotion Research Group, Institute of Health Science, Oxford, England (translation for Nutrition and Food Science)
  14. NHS, England (medical interpreting)
  15. Department of Health, London England (technical interpretation)
  16. GE Healthcare Ltd
  17. Hammersmith and Fulham NHS Primary Care Trust
  18. Medicos Hirata
  19. Medic Air Com
  20. Toyo shinyaku
  21. UICC
  22. Argent Rehabilitation


  1. University of Oxford, ISIS Innovation Ltd, Physics department presentation for delegates (scientific interpreting, simultaneous)
  2. ICI (now known as AkzoNobel), England (patent translation)
  3. Oxford University, Oxford UK (scientific and technical interpreting and translations)
  4. Birmingham University, Birmingham England (engineering technical interpreting)
  5. Hitachi Metal Ltd, Germany
  6. Hitachi High Technologies
  7. Harwell international Business Centre (formerly Harwell Laboratory) (scientific interpreting)
  8. Institute of Space and Astronautic Sciences (scientific and technical translation)
  9. Modern Biosciences plc
  10. International Aerospace Quality Group (interpreting)


  1. Schott Glas, Zurich, Switzerland (Scientific/engineering translation and interpreting)
  2. Marubeni Co. Ltd. (Technical & chemical interpreting in London, Nottingham, Slough, Sherborne, East leake, England) 
  3. Shell Oil Industry & BP, London England
  4. Kvaerner, Whiteley, Hants (technical interpreting)
  5. BASF The Chemical Company

IT / Technologies / Electronics/ Mobile / Video / Game & Game Contents

  1. Darlow Smithson Productions
  2. Films of Record
  3. The Good Film Company
  4. ITV Fixers
  5. Microsoft Ltd., Slough England (Interpreting)
  6. Vodafone, London (Interpreting)
  7. JVC UK Ltd
  8. PENTAX Europe GmbH
  9. Kallidus

Communications and Marketing

  1. Redwood Group
  2. BT, London, England (Technical translation) 
  3. Vodafone HQ, Newbury, England (Business meeting interpreting) 
  4. KDDI Europe (interpreting)
  5. Medical Tribune, Inc.

Fashion / Retail / Music / Media / Film/ Advertising / Publishing & Retail industry

  1. ABC News International Inc
  2. BBC Radio 4, London UK
  3. BBC, London and Oxford England (Interviews)
  4. ITN
  5. ITV Fixers
  6. The Body Shop
  7. Unilever
  8. The Sunday Times
  9. Condenast International Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for conferences in Canne, France and Lake Como, near Milan, Italy covering VOGUE,GQ,GLAMOUR,TRAVELLER,  EASY LIVINGTATLER
  10. Oxford University Press
  11. JMA Research Institute
  12. Darlow Smithson Productions
  13. The Good Film Company
  14. Films of Record
  15. Tokyo Velludo 
  16. Live Nation


  1. Financial Services Agency, Japan (Financial interpreting in London, England)
  2. HSBC, London (translation)
  3. Scottish Widows Investment Partnership Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland (financial interpreting)
  4. Accenture (simultaneous interpreting)
  5. CBI, London England / Keidanren (interpreting for a meeting in London)
  6. Moodys London UK
  7. UFJ Research Institute, Japan (translation, Interpreting and coordination, London, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  8. HM Revenue and Customs, London England (Coordination and interpretation)
  9. Royal Bank of Scotland, London England 
  10. Unilever UK Ltd
  11. Fukoku Capital Management, Inc.
  12. Putnam Lovell
  13. Nomura Research Institute (interpreting)
  14. Tokyo Marine Global Ltd (translation)
  15. HW Fisher & Company
  16. Dai-ichi Life International (Europe) Limited

 Education, Academics & Special Education

  1. Oxford University Press
  2. Worcester University, Worcester, England (academic and educational interpreting)
  3. Birmingham University, England (Industrial and engineering interpreting)
  4. University of Oxford (Engineering, technical & scientific interpreting)
  5. Pearson Education
  6. The National Institute of Special Education
  7. Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  8. Department of Social Medicine, Bristol University
  9. University of L'Aquila

Environmental/Energy Industry/ Manufacturing industries /  Technical, Engineering / Construction / Machinery / Shipping / Automotive

  1. Energy Excel LLP
  2. Canusa Systems
  3. Panasonic Europe Ltd.
  4. BP Biofuels
  5. HTSPE
  6. J B Edlington & Co Ltd
  7. Gothia Redskap
  8. Japan NUS Co. Ltd.
  9. XT Safety LLC
  10. Hydronix
  11. International Aerospace Quality Group
  12. Jaguar Coventry and Birmingham, England (technical and engineering interpreting and translation)
  13. JCB,  England UK
  14. Honda England UK   
  15. Williams Grand Prix Engineering, England UK      
  16. Ford (Liverpool, Birmingham, Germany)
  17. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd, England UK    
  18. NGK Spark Plugs Co., Ltd
  19. Saint-Gobain Matériaux de Construction  France
  20. Yazaki Saltano Ovar  Portugal
  21. Ricardo UK England UK    
  22. Yazaki Europe LTD Portugal
  23. Xerox, London, England (technical translation)
  24. FlexLink Systems (translation)
  25. JB Edlington & Co Ltd (technical translation)
  26. Grundon Waste
  27. Duskin Co., Ltd.
  28. FlexLink Systems GmbG
  29. Furukawa Electric Europe Ltd

Environmental / Humanitarian / Human Rights / NGO / NPO

  1. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  2. Interights (legal translation)
  3. Greenpeace International 
  4. IUCN Species Survival Commission
  5. International SOS (Assistance) S.A.
  7. Medic Air International
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