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TJC Global Translation Walkthrough for Translators

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Step by Step Translation Walkthrough

At TJC Global, we realise how difficult the translation process can be, so we have created an easy step-by-step guide to ensure that you maximize the efficiency of your translation and get the best result possible.

Our 10 Golden Questions

Step 1: What languages will be used in the translation, (including dialects or variations)?

Step 2: What is the purpose of the translation; will it be used for legal proceedings, private use or publication etc…?

Step 3: What stage is the document for translation at…official document, rough draft or revision?

Step 4: What is the deadline for the translation, and do you think you can deliver?

Step 5: Are there any reference materials that you could use to help you in the translation process (especially for scientific or highly technical translations)?

Step 6: What format will the reference material be in (does your software support it) and has it been proofread for any errors or mistakes?

Step 7: Is the document authentic?

Step 8: Are there any other services required in addition to the translation, such as editing, proof reading, or other alterations?

Step 9: Are all parties are aware of any potential liability on the part of the translator or the translation itself?

Step 10: Have you
contacted TJC Global with your translation needs or concerns?

If you ask yourself these ten questions, you should be comfortable with the translation, and all parties will be pleased with the result. With over twenty years of experience in the translation and interpreting business, at TJC Global, we have seen it all; don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it!


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