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TJC Global Multi Lingual Conference Walkthrough

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985

At TJC Global we realize how important Conference and Business Meetings can be to your business and how important it is to make sure that all formalities and customs are properly met, in order to have a smooth and efficient meeting. Having multilingual conferences and meetings can also be particularly challenging in today’s global business world:

TJC Global has created this easy 10 step Walkthrough to guide you through the process:

Step 1: Make sure to find out what the “Floor Language” will be, this is the language spoken by the chairman or main speaker of the meeting/conference

Step 2: Find out what other languages will be used, especially in the Q & A part of the meeting/conference

Step 3: Make sure you have an interpreter for each of the floor languages and the secondary languages that will be used by the members in order to get the best translation results from the meeting

Step 4: Try to use interpreters that are native to the Floor Language and familiar with the other secondary languages that will be used.

Step 5: Make sure you are aware of the room layout, this can be useful for placing tables, podiums, speakers and wires during the meeting, while not disrupting the meeting or conference

Step 6: Allow for the interpreters to have the most advantageous positioning, so that they can focus intently on the speaker and produce a quality interpretation and translation of the meeting

Step 7: If you are dealing with a very technical or specific meeting, make sure that you have the proper source material and terminology related to the subject

Step 8: Make sure the interpreters have all the secondary source material they may need, such as speakers names and specific terminology

Step 9: Make sure that the Speakers, members of the committee and interpreters have all met and are completely comfortable with each other, this will allow for the best interpretation/translation results

Step 10: Contact TJC Global for any question or concerns for you Interpreting/Translation needs.

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