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Litigation Interpreters

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Litigation is a type of legal dispute and is an adversarial process, with the prosecution and defense parties opposing each other. It takes place in a public courtroom and has several stages such as investigation, the discovery stage – which could include depositions for example – the trial and the settlement. As such, it can be a much lengthier process than for arbitration, which happens outside the court. A judge is appointed by the court and the attorneys are used extensively, for example in gathering evidence and presenting their cases.

Litigation involves the lawyers (‘litigators’ or ‘trial lawyers’) and the judge amongst other legal professionals, the parties involved, and sometimes an interpreter in cases involving a foreign witness. Here at TJC Global we regularly provide fully qualified interpreters for this purpose both in London and other UK cities, as well as in other parts of the world (Paris, Berlin, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo for example).

Our team of legal interpreters often specialize in particular fields as well as being accustomed to interpreting in a vast range of legal settings including arbitration as well as civil and criminal litigation proceedings. Recently for example we have supplied interpreters for intellectual property cases, industrial disputes and technical cases regarding aviation, shipping and nuclear energy production.

For more information about our legal language services, please see our Legal Translation and Legal Interpreting pages

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