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Legal and Court Interpreters

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985

TJC Global provides court and legal interpreting / interpretation services across the globe. At locations including London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Beijing and in many other regions worldwide, our highly accurate and technical legal / court interpreters facilitate communication between different languages both inside and outside the courtroom. To find out more please visit TJC Oxford's Legal Interpreting page or to request a quote for a legal / court interpreter please contact us on info@tjc-global.com .

The following lists just some of the legal settings in which our qualified and experienced court / conference interpreters work, in depositions, arbitration, litigation, tribunals, international dispute resolution, trials and many more:

Other legal areas: Administrative law, Public law, Advocacy, Agricultural law, Aviation law, Banking law, Charity law, Civil litigation, Commercial litigation, Common law, Corporate finance, Defamation law, EU law, Education law, Health law, Insurance law, Intellectual property law, Licensing law, Military law, Pensions law, Planning law,Employment Law, Juvenile Law, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Municipal Law, Product Liability, Public Benefits, Real Estate Law, Securities Law, Labour Law, Health and Safety, Minimum wage, Competition law, Antitrust law, Consumer Welfare, Consumer law, Contractual terms.

To find out more about our interpreting and translation services please see www.tjc-oxford.com or contact us on info@tjc-global.com .

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