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Court Interpreters

Court Interpreting or Judicial Interpreting, as opposed to the wider term of legal interpreting, refers to interpreting in a judicial setting be it a coroners, tribunal, magistrates, county court or any other. The interpreter has to declare themselves completely impartial at the start of the proceeding to ensure that it is a balanced trial.

Interpreting in court is usually simultaneous or consecutive. This requires intense concentration and the ability to comprehend and articulate often complex information to and from the client in an extremely efficient and accurate manner. For these reasons, it is often highly beneficial for the interpretor to be experience in the specific legal field. Also, for long hearings exceeding two or three days, it is common for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation to be undertaken by teams of linguists in order to spread the load of this intense and demanding work.

At TJC Global, we recognise the importance of high quality interpreting in this context and are well equipped to supply professional and experienced court interpreters to locations around the world – London, Brussels, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, Berlin and many more. We deal with each enquiry individually and therefore can tailor the services we offer to the requirements of the client.

We carefully select our court interpreters so that they not only have experience  in legal environments, but also experience in the particular legal field they will be working in.

We can supply interpreters for an extensive range of international language requirements with over 180 different languages covered by our database of linguists.

Just some of the areas our interpreters work in include depositions, arbitration, litigation, tribunals, international dispute resolution and trials and these are in a range of areas including:

- Company / Commercial / Business Court Cases

- Shipping Disputes / Maritime Disputes

- International Environment Court Proceedings

If you need a court interpreter, or any other assistance for legal translating and interpreting, please get in touch with us at info@tjc-global.com.

Alternatively, visit our website at www.tjc-oxford.com to use our Quick Quote service or browse in detail in the areas of translating and interpreting that TJC Global covers

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