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Arbitration Interpreters : Shipping Disputes

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Arbitration is a type of dispute resolution which occurs outside the courts. The process of arbitration may be quicker than for litigation, and can sometimes offer greater flexibility and lower costs for businesses.

 In this legal setting the dispute is referred to ‘arbitrators’ (or the ‘arbitral tribunal’), the third party who make a legally binding decision for both sides. This settlement technique is often employed in commercial disputes, especially those which are international in nature, as with the shipping industry. Arbitration for shipping disputes may well require the provision of qualified and experienced interpreters for foreign witnesses, a service that TJC Global can provide at locations across the globe.

 Our team of legal interpreters often specialize in particular fields – including shipping disputes and technical engineering – as well as being accustomed to interpreting in a vast range of legal settings including litigation as well as arbitration.

 Being a frequent provider of deposition interpretation services, we are able to supply interpreters with over ten to twenty years of experience from London to New York, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan and countless other locations.

 To make an inquiry for an arbitration / litigation / deposition interpreter, contact us by email: info@tjc-global.com or by telephone: +44(0)1865 511872, or for further information please see our website: www.tjc-oxford.com.

For more information about our legal services, please see our Legal Translation and Legal Interpreting pages

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